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We are thrilled to be the second oldest and most experienced firm in the state of kansas, specializing in industrial, educational and medical architecture. 

Led by four members of the local and nearby communities, Agora Architecture is known for creating quality designs that defy common thinking. Focusing on the client's individual needs, Agora's designs serve the modern lifestyle while capturing the beauty found in necessity. Their mission is to create spaces that address the client's needs and desires for design producing an end-result that is guaranteed to impress.

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An agora - well-executed and long-lasting

A traditional agora, in early Greek history, is a space defined by the surrounding architecture, often a plaza, where people would come together to exchange and discuss ideas and work together to coordinate new endeavors. Architecture in Ancient Greece strove to be well planned, well executed, and long lasting.

As a company we strive not only to create designs that embody these ideals, but to create lasting relationships and continue to be a part of our community culture.  Agora Architectural Design is the common ground where people and ideas come together.

Estimating Cost is one of the most important aspects of any project. it can also be one of the most difficult tasks of planning a project.

However, with this tool and a follow-up Needs and Options Review, we can help you narrow down your budget.

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Here to Serve Beyond the Major Industries

not in the industrial, educational or medical fields? We have 93 years of experience in other areas too. allow us to help you. 

Agora Architecture has helped many clients to turn dilapidated Main Street storefronts into functional things of beauty. Code footprints or any job related to Code Compliance and ADA accessibility are our forte. We are also honored and privileged to offer excellent services to Churches and other religious organizations. If your needs are not mentioned, contact us now. The likelihood that we can meet your design needs is high, because we have done it all.   |   800 Main Street Suite 308, Winfield, Kansas 67156   |   620.221.3770