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Browse through a few of our projects to understand the kind of work that we do here at Agora Architecture. If you don't see the type of project or style you are looking for, email us at, because its very likely that we can fulfill your need. The projects below are only a small portion of what we have accomplished in 93 years. 


Flint Oak shooting resort - fall river, ks

This project was fun - from working with the management to designing the addition. This addition features a magnificent fireplace, a fully-equipped and totally huge bar, and a beautiful view. We were also able to remodel their merchandise store. Overall, this is a place you just have to see for yourself -

Webb-brown academic center 

cowley College - arkansas city, ks

This building has, at times, become the face of Cowley College marketing material and we can see why. The Webb-Brown Academic Center includes student classrooms, study areas and dynamic spaces designed for maximum learning capabilities. 

holy name catholic church - parish hall

winfield, ks

Designed by Cheri Hulse, a faithful attender, this project was in part so successful because Cheri could work closely with decision makers to design a beautiful vision. The church renovation consisted of everything from windows to the tile in the floor, to the blue ceiling. Breathtaking.


galaxy technologies - winfield, ks

This is impressive - a state-of-the-art, only a few in America, milling machine came to Winfield. This project entailed a new warehouse to house the milling machine and hundreds of pounds of concrete for it to sit on. Also, engineering offices and a beautiful courtyard connecting the existing facility to the new addition. 

Future Pre-Op and Post-Op Rooms

William Newton Hospital - Winfield, KS

In the making we have a Surgery, Central Supply and Emergency Room Hospital Addition. The above rendering of the Pre-Op and Post-Op rooms is only the beginning of what is to come. Check back for details as time goes on and be looking down 5th street in Winfield to see the changes.

Travis hafner training center

cowley College - arkansas city, ks

David Herlocker designed this facility and nearly all of the facilities at the Cowley College Campus in Arkansas City. This is an impressive facility with lots to offer. The Training Center includes locker rooms, offices, an all-sport training room, an exclusive batting cage, weight room and more. 

Cumbernauld retirement village 

Winfield, KS

Our firm provided the original 1989 design for Cumbernauld Village and designed the main facility, comprised of Apartment Homes, Nursing Care, Assisted Living as well as the entire Site Design. Today, we continue to create new solutions and additions for this community’s evolving needs. Our latest project for Cumbernauld is an Age to Age Classroom. 

77 Steps - Southwestern College

Winfield, KS

The 77 Steps are the “heart of the hill” and the main entrance to the Christy Administration Building, the focal point of Southwestern College campus. This design-build project was a reconstruction of the original steps. The original feel and ambiance of the steps was recreated using cast-in-place concrete construction with minimal expansion and construction joints. 

Broadway Sports Complex - Winfield, KS

Durability and organization was the driving concept behind the design of this sports complex. The complex includes five baseball fields and dugouts accommodating T-Ball through college level baseball, six soccer fields, batting cages, and a little league football field. Main features include shade canopies, planters, and centrally located restrooms and concessions.   |   800 Main Street Suite 308, Winfield, Kansas 67156   |   620.221.3770