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One Page Action Plan

You have a dream, but without giving it feet - a dream it will stay! Instead of rushing into design with what you think you want only to discover it doesn't meet your needs and is very expensive, allow us to help you do the research. We offer a stand-alone service called a Feasibility Study, and this unique opportunity allows you to gather information about your project before you begin design.

  • Determine your goals, priorities, and constraints
  • Review the feasibility of your timeline and budget
  • Become aware of basic requirements
  • Learn the steps necessary to begin
  • And, get your questions answered!

We deliver this information packed service in a project brief that we call a One Page Action Plan. We know it isn't for everyone, but if you don't know where to start, are unaware of the process, are unfamiliar with code and the requirements of your governing body or a host of other reasons - then you need our help. Contact us for pricing!


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