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Interactive Facilities Management Documents

For years, Agora has been working to develop a facilities management service for their clients. As technology is developing, this service has become tangible! Combined with architectural and engineering knowledge, improvements in building scanners and 3D drawing software processes are making the document side of facility management easier and more intuitive.

Agora has researched and made an investment into this relevant service for our 95 year old firm with the purchase of a 3D building scanner. This device allows us to scan the interior and exterior of your facility, then stitch all of the images and scans together to create an interactive 3D image of your facility. We can then build an accurate digital building model from this information, creating a completed interior and external model of a building for which we do not have original drawings. These are then modified into Facility Management Documents that are interactive, intuitive and convenient. A client often owns existing buildings previously designed by our firm. For these buildings we can create the interactive documents from our files. For buildings we did not design, however, we can use the 3D scanner to document necessary information much more quickly and thoroughly than previously possible.

Winfield, KS - Fire Station 3D Scan

Winfield, KS - Fire Station 3D Scan

The Benefits:

·   Clickable documents make it simple to identify equipment malfunctions for  replacement or maintenance

·   Digital format allows highly organized and readily accessible data files

·   3D characteristics allow for greater understanding of facility integration

·   Facility Management product is easily accessible with free software and general computer skills

·   Data files are easily adjusted and updated as the facility grows and changes

·   Common questions of square footage, replacement part numbers, filter change dates, equipment locations and more are easily accessible within the completed data file

·   Immediate access to data streamlines facilities budgeting

The Process:

1.     Obtain building information in a working drawing file format.

·   This can be done with existing drawings or by using our building scanner.

2.     If the building scanner is used, the 3D model it creates is easily converted into a workable drawing file.

3.     Once the entire facility is in a digital drawing file, the facility can be detailed with labels, notes and additional information.

4.     Facility documents are then combined and made accessible without expensive, complicated software that can have a learning curve for unfamiliar users.

5.     Within the detailed and interactive digital files, a facility manager has the ability to select the appropriate area of a building or its contents to find information needed to repair, replace or modify the elements.

6.     In addition to the maintenance side, all of your facilities data is stored in digital files – easily organized and accessible!

Maintenance, storage, training, and day-to day workflow becomes less cumbersome and more productive with our Facilities Management Documents. Updated data can be sent to Agora and incorporated into the Facilities Management Documents so that as your facility grows, your database and systems information does as well.

Written by Karen Klein, Architect at Agora.