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Happy Birthday, Agora!

Agora, under new ownership, has been around for 2 years TODAY - Happy Birthday, Agora!

To celebrate this milestone, we want to talk about something that is very important to us - our people.

The company as a whole has been around since 1924, we are the second oldest firm in Kansas. As many of you know, there are many cultures and atmospheres that you can intentionally and unintentionally build within your company. For a company of such long standing as Agora there have been many different seasons of business and atmosphere and we are thankful that most of them have been positive.

When Merrill Gordon, our former owner and the best boss, sold the firm to the remaining employees and the firm became Agora, there was a wonderful opportunity to look at the firm as a whole and say, “What can we do to build on this 1924 foundation of a solid architectural practice?” The answer we found was in our people. If our people are happy, healthy, and enjoy their jobs we will be able to retain them, they will generate creative and quality work and we can keep stress levels down. We didn’t want people focused solely on money, because we knew from the past that this comes and goes. Investing in our people, however, would be a solid plan to consistently impact lives. This idea of people over profit, is our P.O.P. Culture. We intend to continue this pursuit of people over profit. To follow are some of our P.O.P. culture employee investments: Quarterly, we close the office for an afternoon to go on an office outing. We have scratched our heads in confusion at an escape room and we have eaten great food.


·         We regularly purchase our employees massages and provide them with a certain amount of “company bucks” to spend on Agora branded items.

·         We pay (as did Gordon & Associates) 100% of Health Care Premiums.

·         We contribute to 401k Plans.

·         In 3 or so years, we plan to take all of our employees and their families to a private island to celebrate 5 years of successful business.

·         And much more!

If you have “perks” for your employees or People Over Profit Culture within your company, send us an email with some of your implementation and ideas!

If we like your idea and end up implementing it, we will send you a little treat for the impact you made on our firm and our people!

Send your ideas to