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"I Live in a Tiny House" - Part 3

In the last post of this series I described our journey of purchasing the Tiny House, moving it to Kansas and remodeling it to suite my husband and I’s needs. In this post I am going to talk about what it was like to downsize our things and move it. Hopefully this post isn’t too boring for you, because for us, downsizing was pretty simple.

As I have described in previous posts in this series, God told us to sell our house and we naturally started selling things because we didn’t want to move a ton of unnecessary things. I think at this point we had also watched a documentary on minimalism. The documentary is called, “The Minimalists”. They talk about minimalism being not about having nothing, but about having only things that are valuable to you. Which got me thinking, I had a lot of boxes in the attic that I hadn’t opened since we moved in 4 years earlier.

From that point forward, I stopped keeping things that randomly showed up on our house and I started going through drawers and closets and really just throwing things away because most of it seemed like junk when I looked at it through the lens of “Is this valuable?” By the time we put the house on the market there were basically just shells of things in the house. Our bedrooms had some full drawers and the bathroom upstairs had a full closet. But most furniture around the house was just furniture with nothing in it. We had a garage sale to get to this point, but the dumpster was also our friend.

Photo Feb 21, 12 32 13 PM.jpg

When the house sold and it came time to move out, we sold the furniture that was still in the house and we would just meet people there to purchase and haul it off. This left us with very little on move-out day. We got a very small storage unit for the remaining items (two dressers, dining table, night stand set, cedar chest). We have since sold those items as well.

My game plan was, sell everything that doesn’t pain you to sell. Then take the rest to the Tiny House and see what doesn’t fit or what makes it cluttered and then sell that stuff too. So that is what we did. Most everything we cared about fit! I brought too many cleaning items that we didn’t need because we were cleaning 1/7th of the size now. I was able to get rid of cleaning items, some clothes were painful to get rid of but I don’t even remember them now. We got rid of more kitchen items because we never used them, not because we didn’t have enough space. We have actually found that our kitchen has too much storage.

Now, every time I clean (typically once a week for an hour or less) I throw things away as I clean. We don’t hang on to much. There are things that we both thought we valued but that sat on a shelf in the Tiny for 6 months before we realized we didn’t value it like we thought.

All-in-all, the downsizing process was really easy for us because we had motivation to sell our house, then we had motivation to move into this very small space, then we were there and it was so charming that it was easy to get rid of stuff again. The best advice I can give, don’t overthink the process. Just do it. The freedom you feel with less stuff, is unreal.

In the rest of the series I will talk about some of the difficulties we have had, and I will share some suggestions if you are looking into going Tiny.

Written by MacKenzie Witzke, Partner and Marketing at Agora Architecture