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The Molasses Tsunami of 1919 - The Reason We Seal Our Plans

Well, the title says it all. One hundred years ago today, a tragic bursting of a molasses tank in Boston that killed 21 people and injured 150 more. As you continue to read the article linked below you will find that this incident changed the relationship between business and government.

The north end of Boston after the Molasses tank exploded.

The north end of Boston after the Molasses tank exploded.

"All the things we now take for granted in the business — that architects need to show their work, that engineers need to sign and seal their plans, that building inspectors need to come out and look at projects — all of that comes about as a result of the great Boston molasses flood case," - Stephen Puleo

We know our clients can become weary of the local government telling them they need a “Code Footprint”. The same is true of architects - as we know spending a chunk of project dollars on plans can seem pointless to our clients. However, while one hundred years later this situation seems laughable, aside from the extremely high death toll, it puts into perspective why it is important for there to be standards for designing and building.

At Agora, we want to help you abide by the laws and get the very best product possible for your budget and needs.

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Written by Karen Klein and MacKenzie Witzke