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Happy Birthday, Agora!

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On May 8th 2017, the contract between Merrill K. Gordon and the Owners of Agora Architecture was signed. A new generation of Architects and business people began! This company has successfully transitioned between Owners since 1924, which is 94 years. As Agora, we are looking forward to another 94 years in our favorite community, county and region! 


Happy first and ninety-fourth Anniversary, Agora! 

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Agora a year later is a better Agora. We started out strong, unified and full of ideas. Today we are stronger as a team - a larger team with the addition of Hannah. We have fun together and we work hard together. And, the ideas are still flowing. To me, this year has been about the people. We have all sat down and made solid business decisions, but we have also sat down and discussed ways to improve and add to the lives of the Owners, our Employees and the Clients we work with. I absolutely love my job and the opportunities for learning. It never hurts that I love the people that I get to do the job with. As a company we have been around since 1924, that is 94 years. Here is to another 94! - MacKenzie


Our first year as Agora has been amazing! Owning and operating the business was a big step, but being empowered to make more decisions has also been really fun. Initially, choosing what we wanted to focus on and paring those items down into something manageable was tough, because you just can’t do everything at once! My favorite changes have been the incorporation of standing desks (HUGE for daily office life!), and diving headfirst into a more effective way of communicating with our clients through 3D Virtual Modeling (which gives us a fun new focus as a firm and has shown to be really beneficial to clients). We have the right team in place, and everyone has been working so hard to make it all come together. I am so excited for Agora’s future! – Karen

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This past year, I have learned that although we may be small in size, anything is possible with an amazing team full of talented individuals who come together to work towards the best solution possible.  The firm began the Cowley College Sumner Campus project that included two buildings that needed to be completed on a fast-paced time line. I was hired at the onset of this project and as a team we delivered a very successful result. The firm had previously been dabbling in Revit but around this same time, we were able to dive head first into the program.  Hopefully through the Cowley project, others are able to see that although we are small, we are fierce!  I have enjoyed working with everyone here because everyone listens to one another and are receptive to new and even crazy ideas.  I can’t wait to see what the years to come have in store! – Hannah


Agora Architecture is continuing to improve because of the hard work and vision of the people involved and because of the because of the clients, consultants and contractors we have been fortunate to work with.  Setting goals and working to achieve those has been a true collaboration.  From technology and three-dimensional drafting to standing desks for those in the office, and many other endeavors to improve our culture and our work to the people we serve.  Looking forward to continuing to cultivate growth of knowledge and beneficial client services. – David


This past year, the first year for Agora, has been an amazing experience in my life. Even though I have been working within the Industry for 25 years, our new partnership has provided me with opportunities to grow both personally and professionally in ways I had not expected. I have enjoyed opportunities to meet new people, build relationships and work to create solutions in a team environment. That team environment brings out the individual strengths of everyone within our Practice and, to me, is the best way to approach every new day. - Cheri

As a team, we are honored to serve, work, play and live in Winfield, Kansas. Thank you, the community, for supporting us.