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Hey, Winfield! Lets visit our parks!

Patrick Steward is the City of Winfield City Planner. If you are reading this blog as one of our clients, it is likely that you know him because he is very helpful to people through the process of building and renovating within the City limits. The City of Winfield is a long-time, faithful client and therefore we have had many good years working on projects with Patrick. If you hadn’t figured it out yet, we think Patrick Steward is a super star.

When Patrick was in our office recently he told us about a project that the City of Winfield, specifically the MIS/GIS guys, completed. As you may know, if you go to and grab the little orange human in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen you can drop the little person in front of most buildings to get a street view - Thank you, Google! Well, now, because of the hard work the City of Winfield has been doing, you can grab the same little orange human and drop him into our local parks to virtually walk on the trails and site see!

little orange guy.png

Of course, we don’t believe the City’s goal was to have you walking through parks from your living room, rather we think they are encouraging us to get out and get some exercise. So jump in Google Maps, drop our little orange friend in Island Park, Cherry Street Park or Memorial Park on 9th Street and find a great spot for your weekend family adventure!

island park.PNG

Also, if you make your way down to the Broadway Sports Complex you will find new lighting installed on the walking trails and new work-out equipment. This allows families to get out after dark and get a little extra movement while they are at it. One mom said, “Any mommas out there that can’t go to the gym because you have kids, bring your kids with you and let them play while you work out! It is all for lifting your own body weight… I love it!” For this little piece of heaven, you can thank RISE Cowley (, lead by Charissa Finch. Charissa and others with RISE Cowley have been able to do many productive things for the community of Winfield and Cowley County. Be on the look out for their events and projects!

Written by MacKenzie Witzke, Business Manager with Agora