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Lactation Benches of Cowley County

Agora was excited to be asked to help the Cowley County Health Department - Breastfeeding Advocates of Cowley County to use their recently received grant funds to aid the design and construction of Lactation Benches in Cowley County parks. These benches provide a safe, comfortable covered space for anyone to rest and feed their baby, and also include a raised diaper changing area.

Care was taken to design a fun but simple structure and covering clearly meant to be reserved for babies and parents. Bright colors and a unique shape draw attention, so parents can easily locate these areas in the participating parks. The design is minimal for ease of construction and for economical use of durable, long-lasting materials. Benches are placed on a large concrete area to give plenty of space for stroller parking and maneuvering. We hope that these benches are well received and frequently used by the communities we know and love, and everyone is very pleased with the result!

Lactation Bench image back.png

At Agora, we make our best effort to support our nearby communities. When the Health Department approached us to design these benches the answer was an easy, “Yes!”. However, the project required structural engineering also and to stay on budget, this work would, ideally, need to be donated. Anything can be done when good people put their heads together for a good cause, and as a result Patrick Steward with Steward Engineering donated his services as well.

We are excited to see the first bench go up in Burden, Kansas! The Cowley County Health Department is currently looking for local ways to get the benches built. If you are a part of the Cowley County family and think you could tackle this project, give Taylor Schwartz or Charissa Finch a call - 620.221.1430. Stay tuned!

Written by Karen Klein, Partner and Project Architect