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I live in a "Tiny House" - Part 1

Whenever I am at Lowe’s and I am describing to a kind associate what I need and I am asking them to help me find it, they normally say, “What is this for?” I go on to explain that I live in a Tiny House and blah, blah… They usually don’t understand that I don’t mean small, but I mean tiny. As in, I live in 280sf.

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Dogs and Drafting Boards

It is Monday morning, the arrival of Friday seems like an eternity, you roll out of bed fighting the desire to stay tucked in a bit longer. At the foot of your bed is your pup, snoring softly. You get around and ready for the day, put on warm clothes for the chilly winter morning …

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Happy Birthday, Agora!

On May 8th 2017, the contract between Merrill K. Gordon of Gordon and Associates and the Owners of Agora Architecture was signed. A new generation of Architects and business people began! This company has successfully transitioned between Owners since 1924, which is 94 years. As Agora, we are looking forward to another 94 years in our favorite community, county and region! 

Happy First and ninety-fourth anniversary, Agora! 

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Preventative Maintenance - Keeping Assets an Asset

As Architects, we have the privilege of seeing many wonderful buildings.  Sometimes, however, we observe buildings in distress due to neglect. This disturbing sight always brings up the question: “Why did this happen?” - Our featured project is Rodger Steffen's Edward Jones. Rodger has a fantastic preventative maintenance plan that allowed him to restore the exterior of his facility. 

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