Agora Architecture


The Firm's First International Client

It was late 1992, and the firm had just settled in its new space at 800 Main Place. One day, the phone rang and we found that a German plastic toy company, BIG Toy Company, was interested in building at least one warehouse at Strother Field, outside of Winfield. We were excited about the thought of a potential international client.

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Budgeting for Your Building Project: Made Simple

 Budgeting for design and construction is certainly not an interesting aspect of dreaming up a building project. Although it is not an aspect of the project you enjoy, it is, arguably, the most important part of a building project.

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Code and ADA Compliance - Your Unknown Top Priority

Building codes, including ADA Requirements, are like traffic laws. Most we live with, but some we ignore, some we never knew existed, some we relatively respect, and the rest we tend to forget about. The problem is that, on occasion, the code requirements, like traffic ordnances, can bite us if we don’t comply

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Remodeling A Building in the Central Business District

    So, you want to renovate a building in the Central Business District?  Firstly, congratulations on your new adventure. We want to help you experience building renovation with proper planning. Our first recommendation is to...

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