Agora Architecture


Interactive Facilities Management Documents

“Agora has researched and made an investment into this relevant service for our 95 year old firm with the purchase of a 3D building scanner. This device allows us to scan the interior and exterior of your facility, then stitch all of the images and scans together to create an interactive 3D image of your facility.”

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Ideal Architectural Client

Contrary to what you might be thinking, our ideal client is NOT someone with unlimited budget who gives you carte blanche to “design whatever you want”. Though this would certainly have its perks, it would not really be what we DO, which is helping people solve problems.

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I live in a "Tiny House" - Part 1

Whenever I am at Lowe’s and I am describing to a kind associate what I need and I am asking them to help me find it, they normally say, “What is this for?” I go on to explain that I live in a Tiny House and blah, blah… They usually don’t understand that I don’t mean small, but I mean tiny. As in, I live in 280sf.

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Dogs and Drafting Boards

It is Monday morning, the arrival of Friday seems like an eternity, you roll out of bed fighting the desire to stay tucked in a bit longer. At the foot of your bed is your pup, snoring softly. You get around and ready for the day, put on warm clothes for the chilly winter morning …

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