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1924 Beginnings

The firm's long history is rooted in a humble yet explosive beginning in Winfield, Kansas by a man named William Caton. Mr. Caton would go on to leave a large impact on Winfield, Wichita and around the Country for his English Country Homes and non-residential projects. Caton owned and operated the firm for 42 years. Upon the end of Caton's ownership, Bob Yadon and Don Potter became the new owners. Don Potter is known for many residential projects similar to those of William Caton's. More notably still is Don's thoughtful planning for commercial projects such as the Cowley County Courthouse. Don Potter owned and operated the firm with personality for 35 years. During Potter's ownership he was joined by Merrill Kern Gordon III who has shaped the firm that most are familiar with today. Under Merrill's ownership, the firm was Gordon & Associate Architects. Gordon & Associates is known in Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri and other surrounding states for expertise in all industries. Merrill owned and operated this growing company for 43 years. 

From this long legacy of successful and notable owners came what is today, Agora Architecture. Agora strives to serve returning customers, who are 75% of total clientele, and new customers with excellence in service and design. This legacy of success and future full of achievements will keep Agora Architecture successful and long-standing.


Meet Our Team

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Cheri A. Hulse, AIA

Owner and Senior Architect

Cheri joined Gordon & Associates in 2004 and transitioned to Owner in Agora Architecture in 2017. She has over 20 years of Architectural experience on a variety of project types including Industrial, Educational, Healthcare, Restaurants, and Religious Facilities. Some of her projects at the firm include the Cowley County Courthouse South Annex, Holy Name Catholic Church in Winfield, First United Methodist Church in Newkirk, Oklahoma, Winfield High School Entrance Tower and Winfield High School Center for Innovation.

Cheri spends her evenings cheering at local sporting events with her husband, children and grandchildren, going to church and singing in the choir and running with her Great Pyrenees. Originally from Colby, Kansas, she and her family live in the country and enjoy raising chickens on their small farm. Cheri can cook a mean birthday cake both in flavor and design! Who knew her artsy skills would translate to baking and so many other things!

David S. herlocker, AIA

owner and senior Architect

David became a part of Gordon & Associates in 1997 and transitioned to Owner in Agora Architecture in 2017, as well. With more than 25 years of Architectural experience, he has been the lead Architect on a diverse range of project types including Healthcare, Educational, Commercial, and Manufacturing/Industrial Facilities. His work includes the Sports Practice Facility at Cowley College, Union State Bank South in Winfield, Cowley College’s Classroom Center and Webb-Brown Academic Center as well as several other facilities at Cowley College and the surrounding areas. 

After several years out of state, David returned to Winfield in 1997. In his spare time he enjoys local fishing and golfing. He has a very active family and stays especially busy with his children’s sports and club activities. David is the office goofball. Mondays are always fun, contrary to popular belief, because David brings pictures of his weekend and of course, commentates on their contents. 

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Karen Klein, LEEd ap bd+c

Owner and Project Architect

Karen rejoined Gordon & Associates in 2010 after a few years of varied architectural project experience in Connecticut and transitioned into Ownership in Agora Architecture in 2017. Project types completed with the firm are varied and include Healthcare, Commercial, Residential and Religious Facilities. Projects she has been involved with include the Medical Office Building at South Central Kansas Medical Center, Galaxy Technologies Milling Expansion, the Addition at Flint Oak Hunting Lodge and the Viola Residence.

Outside of the office she can be found doing a CrossFit or yoga workout, birding or just enjoying the fine fresh air! Karen works remotely from her home and this is a perfect arrangement because she is able to travel to her favorite places. The firm enjoys that she works remotely because she gets lots done and tells good stories of her travels. At one point, the office was anxiously awaiting the updates from Karen as she traveled half way across America trying french fries. 



Heidi began working for Agora Architecture in February of 2019. Heidi handles the Business side of the company and enjoys making sure the Architects have what they need to be successful. In her free time Heidi enjoys spending time outdoors with her family, fishing, reading and just having fun!  


Kenzie 2018.jpg

MacKenzie B. Witzke

Owner and Marketing Director

MacKenzie began working for Gordon & Associates in 2014 and was offered the chance to own a percentage of Agora Architecture when the transition took place. MacKenzie has a passion for marketing, organization and business. MacKenzie handles the Marketing side of the company and enjoys promoting all the Architects work and community involvement.

When MacKenzie is not at work, she is still hard at work. MacKenzie and her husband are on staff as the worship and youth pastors at a church in Garden City, KS. The Witzke's also live in a Tiny House on Wheels and the firm is always interested to hear what life is like in 280 sq/ft. Minimalism, simple living and a life after Jesus is something they are passionate about and always striving for!   |   800 Main Street Suite 308, Winfield, Kansas 67156   |   620.221.3770