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Cowley College Sumner Campus


Virtual Reality

: an artificial image experienced through a viewer that allows the user to immerse themselves in a 360 degree digitally represented environment. Agora is the exclusive provider of Virtual Reality in the South-central region of Kansas and Northern Oklahoma and among the few Architect's offering this service in the surrounding states.


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What our Clients and Peers are saying about Virtual Reality... 

“We needed to create excitement and allow the attendees to ‘visualize’ the future. This method created more excitement than anticipated!”
— Jan Grace, Cowley College
I know there are a lot of the big firms who are just trying to figure out the VR or AR tools and they are just winging it - I think you are doing it the right way by listening to your clients and tuning your delivery with it to what helps them!
— Tom Milavec, Bari Architecture


The Capabilities

Immersive technology allows the user to stand in one place within the design and look around them to view and understand the design elements and their relationships to one another. Immersion also allows the user to understand the scale of the design in comparison to a standard human.

Tour technology enables the user to explore the designed space based on a pre-programmed tour. While the user is not physically moving in reality, the user can control the tour by pausing and resuming.  When a user is paused, they are able to stand in one place and turn to look at their surroundings in a 360 degree view.


how does this benefit you?

  • By allowing the user to be immersed in the design, we are able to verify that the Client's communicated desires is what we design. Put simply, it enhances project communication related to design.

  • This service allows Clients to share their vision with Board Members, Investors and others. This will aid organizations in decision making, fundraising, and will create another level of success for the project from start to finish.

  • Additionally, being able to see the design before it is physically built brings a level of excitement and anticipation that every project deserves.


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Cowley College Sumner Campus

Cowley College Sumner Campus

We also offer...

  • Live Updates: as the design progresses so does the excitement with your Staff Members, Board Members, and Investors. Everyone can watch as your facility comes to life. Once the design process is complete and construction has begun, we can continue to give you Live Updates through 360 degree photo technology. Seamless from beginning to completion.

  • Embedded Models: These same designs and Live Updates can be embedded on your Website or Social Media. You can direct people to your Website to receive all of the latest news on your project's progress.

Google Cardboard Model.jpg

Additional ways of Accessing the 3D Virtual Models

In addition to Live Updates and Embedded Models to share your design with others, we also make the Models available in an app that IOS and Android users can download. When accessing the models through the app we utilize Google Cardboard. Google Cardboard is a simple viewer that makes a 2D image a 3D image.

We have been able to utilize the viewers and the app at a Ground Breaking Ceremony for Cowley College Sumner Campus where diplomats from all over Kansas and other important people and investors were able to see the design. This was highly beneficial to the College as they sought funds and gained support for their New Campus - an excellent source of Higher Education in Sumner County.